Labels and tags are essential for the efficiency of your plant hire company, and the safety of your employees. They can enable you to keep track of inventory, as well as advertise your company name and services.

Labels and tags can also help to ensure that your tools and equipment are returned to their correct locations after each use, as well as recording any servicing or repairs they may need.

Here are our top 6 printed products to help your plant and tool hire company stay safe and compliant whilst ensuring your business gets noticed…

1. SUPA TUFF™ Tags – These handy self-locking tags feature an easy-to-write on surface with machine condition ‘Traffic Light’ colour-coded panels.

‘Easy tear’ sections pull away with ease after recording required tasks allowing you to quickly and clearly identify what stage your equipment is at throughout the inspection process.

Supa Tuff tags are made from recyclable materials and are eco-friendly too, simply recycle them when you’re done! These tags are a must for all hire and service companies.

    Supa Tuff Tags can also be custom printed to include your company logo and contact details. Standard designs are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

    Supa Tuff Tags

    2. Metal Tags – Metal tags are ideal for extreme conditions and are suitable for both internal and external use. These tags can be printed, ‘etched and filled’ for a permanent solution, or be designed with blank fields that can be manually written in.

    Available in stainless steel or aluminium, these tags can be customised to include company details, sequential numbers and QR or barcodes.

    Designed with quick and easy key identification in mind, our robust, long-lasting and effective metal key tags are ideal for ensuring your keys stay safe and recognisable.

    Metal Tag

    3. Hire Service Labels – Our service labels are essential for companies that loan or hire-out equipment as they help you keep track of machinery inspections and maintenance updates.

    Printed in a range of custom shapes and sizes, with blank areas for filling in service reminder dates, service engineer phone numbers and company details.

    Hire service labels can be printed double-sided for application on glass and windows to show service reminder details on the inside of the vehicle, with your company logo and contact details facing out.

    Hire Service Label

    4. Supplied By Labels – Ensure your company details are easily accessible for future reference with our ‘Supplied By’ Labels. These cost-effective labels are an easy and convenient way of promoting your business on the products you supply and hire.

    Custom designed and printed on a range of materials, from budget-friendly options to high-quality solutions, ‘Supplied By’ Labels are manufactured to your specifications.

    Available with protective layers and in a variety of adhesive strengths, these labels will adhere to all types of plant machinery and stay in place throughout the harshest conditions.

    Supplied By Labels

    5. Key Tags – At Sovereign, we produce durable printed key tags that have been expertly designed for easy identification and security. Ideal for the hire industry, events industry, and manufacturing industry, amongst many others.

    Designed with quick and easy key identification in mind, our robust and effective key tags are ideal for ensuring your keys stay safe and recognisable.

    Available in plastic with an easy-to-write on surface, these key tags have a handy ‘self-tie’ pull tail fastening so no need for additional attachments.

    Printed in any shape, size or colour, our key tags can be designed to incorporate company logos or contact information.

    key tags

    6. Fuel ID Labels – Ensure your vehicles and machinery are labelled correctly with our Fuel Identification labels.

    Strong and durable, our Fuel Identification labels are made from high-quality exterior vinyl, with a fuel-resistant laminate – these labels are a business must!

    Please speak to a member of our team for large quantity orders and discounts on this product.

    Fuel Identification Labels

    Choosing the right labels and tags can be a bit of a minefield as there are so many different materials, sizes, and adhesives to choose from that it can be easy to get confused about which ones you need for your business.

    Fear not, our friendly team are on hand and available to talk you through the options best suited to your needs and requirements, simply contact us today!