Trade Services

Sovereign offers a trade service to printers and lithographers by applying screen printed finishes to pre printed sheets. We are able to print onto most stocks, offering fast turn around times to meet the demands of our customers time frames, however please contact us for confirmation prior to production.

These services include remoist gum, scratch remove silver and scratch ‘n’ sniff finishes. All using branded inks to achieve a high quality product.

Remoist Gum

The adhesive applied to mailing items for response surveys. We produce remoistable ‘horse shoe’ or strip gumming to most printed stocks to enable mailers, return slips and questionnaires to be posted securely. Our Technical Helpline staff have a wealth of information to help you obtain the best solution to your mailer.

trade services

Scratch Remove Silver

A silver opaque covering, hides a printed message or winning ticket number. Simply abrade the surface and reveal the under-printed information. Single or double sided applications, including Lottery and Game Cards, Promotional Offers, Prize Cards and many other marketing applications. To obtain the best results for your production, please contact our Technical Sales Team for advice of best performing materials.

trade services

Scratch and Sniff

An excellent method of presenting Product Launches and Marketing Campaigns. With an extensive range of favourite aromas available for most marketing campaigns, we are able to captivate almost any smell and convert it into a printable medium. Simply scratch the paper or card surface and your aroma is released.

scratch and sniff