We are delighted to unveil our new wide-format digital printer, the Canon Colorado 1650!

The 1650 is part of a new generation of printers that will enable us to work more efficiently while lowering our environmental impact.

This 64” inkjet printer uses UV gel ink technology which is reliable, vibrant, and features scratch resistance technology that allows it to be used on a wide variety of media from short-run signage, to long-run print ideal for outdoor applications.

Plus, the flexible formulation of the UV gel inks provides perfect image stability even if prints are folded, bent, and stretched.

The Canon Colorado 1650 delivers a wide colour range, making it ideal for the production of high-impact signs, vehicle graphics, bold indoor displays, and much more.

This fantastic wide-format printer will ensure your labels, and graphics stay bold, vivid, and bright in whatever conditions they face.

The Canon Colorado 1650 has arrived!